Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We live in an interesting time, you wouldn’t believe it that Donald Trump scored 85% percent grading from me. And if you asked me several months ago what grade would I have given him I beg I would have told you the man doesn’t deserved my grading at all. He was below my expectation but now I saw him reformed he has scored good grades from me, that’s it he has earned it. I am proud of him for looking presidential on public diplomacy and diplomatic mission. It is his first leg trip to Mexico or for that matter to a sovereign country representing America. He is changed man now, from what I heard him saying on the podium that's not the Donald I know. This Donald Trump I saw through the media was calm and insightful articulately spoke with clarity that’s a different Donald Trump.
I come to think of that Donald Trump was a victim un-coached behavior, coupled with mudslinging from his political opponents that media picked on, preyed him for the worst and presented hate images of him to the public as uncaring buffoonery tycoon who knows nothing except the silver platter he always eat from was the gravest mistake in the American politics. But my friends both pundits and bandits got him wrong, the man cares a lot about the little people, just listen to the speech he gave in Mexico with open mind before you judge him, you will fine Donald as an interesting fellow. Last but least change is a “constant motion”, only human is capable in adapting and adopting changing circumstances. Donald Trump did, we should give him credit.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Anyuak History 101 for Dummies

In a nutshell I have never heard of Anyuawa king of king but I have learned since childhood the existence of kings and chiefdom in the Anyuawaland and there were many of them in the old days scattered in different geographical locations. There is king of Otallo, next is prince of Ajuwara, there is king of Pochalla, king of Obudi, the rest of the kings were at batnam Akobo, two Abobo kings, Aparawagna, each king reigns within his own jurisdictions.There's no such thing as United Kingdom Of Anyuawa, like in the United Kingdom of England where other kings have been defeated during cyclical wars by English king of England, united other kingdoms under one rule called today United kingdom, 

 In larger part, the Anyuakland was under chiefdom, every entity whether it is kingdom or chiefdom were independent of each other’s. I do not know why some had poor recollection of Anyuawa history. I find some people poor to tell their own oral history as it is. I for one do not know that much either. Although I am knowledgeable in history and politics, had the ability to bend, twist, spin and muddy something in politics if I want to but I would never, ever attempt to pure sand on history.

And my main theme of argument here is that please ask or question if possible, if you don’t know anything about Anyuwa history learn from those who know more about the origins of kingship and chiefdom of the Anyuak society. History is not something one could invents to suit political goals. It is not something one could shove out like mass grain out of a canoe either. It must be learn orally or in writings. No one should temper with history or no one should revise history for comforts of one’s power ambition or political interest. We had enough historical revisionism thrown at our faces by implanted external forces already in our midst at this moment of time, with wanton alteration of our land names, symbols, cultural heritages, twisted settlements patterns.

 The exported parallel ideological onslaught were concocted, brewed by external and internal enemies as poisoned wines to make everybody drunk, intoxicated, dies at the door of history. At one hand we have mindless elements who are bent to revise the history of the Gambellan people under the banner of national unity, substituting it with land aggrandizement, or land expansionism a direct front against history. On the other hand we have egotists, ballooned headed king of kings idealists in our house, given who can even sleep with devil to advance their own egotistic mantra,causing senseless feuds, and wages among the commons

 Nevertheless attempted poisoning of history did not work well for them though it had few victims as was later discovered after assessments. The revisionism did not get anywhere but rejected, thrown in the dustbin of history by our peace loving people. And our people stand tall protecting historical heritages, they wouldn’t kowtow or succumbed to no body, even under the heavy weapons of mass destruction of irresponsible regimes. I beg history is on our side for sure. No birr or dollars or handout jobs or development programs would blindfold us from claiming our rights. Whether it is democracy or totalitarianism it is irrelevant to natural rights of our people.  

It is a concerned of every born citizen of Gambella to rally under what is rightfully ours, and we should stand shoulder to shoulder countering the forces of revisionism. Otherwise we are finished, the conspirators have outdone us in their treacherous schemes, soon will have no above mentioned symbols of identity in the near future. Let me go back to the underlining theme: No one is objecting history of chiefdom and kingdom for the argument sake, Kingdoms and Chiefdom have been parts and parcels of our historical and political developments, and legacies. But for some reason few among us had the audacity to bent, manipulate Anyuawa history by chemistry, artificially adding flavors to make it test good for the mouth of a particular group here in the Diasporas, that’s unacceptable.

However with due respect, these elements I am talking about were unashamed of their behaviors they have smuggled useless ideology to Anyuakland on the back of some foot solders, some trained “Nyiyiest cadres” of revisionism, and land expansionists instruments. But attempts to make everybody drink the wine of the poison root of history from my understanding did not go well as planned either by the enemy of the Anyuawa people or by the “Nyiyiest mouth piece cadres” to date everything had backfired at revisionists at both parallel course of political spectrum, no amount of alliances created with despotic regimes could change the struggle of our people to secure their rights of history. No amount of bribery could wash way the damage done to the sanctity of our people. But we must rise equally; oppose this new treacherous and dangerous phenomenon together.    

Friday, April 15, 2016


This week if there’s anything good Gambella diaspora community has seen for a very longtime was the visit of her Excellency Deputy Minister for Children Affair Alemitu Omot here in Minnesota. Her excellency visit was vital, at this juncture a time the Gambellan community have been longing, wanting a figure heads like her to bring together already break up pieces of her Diaspora community.

Well “what you see is what you get”, she was some kind of a school master who discipline her pupils by the loud gong and everybody was lineup neatly with protocol intact, made some diaspora elements disruptive and counterproductive behaviors disappeared into thin air. No nonsense. No bullshit.
Her Excellency spoke eloquently about the plight of community, she was aware of all the problems the community have been facing, without wasting of time she went straight to the points of all  contentions, saving huge time from confusion and illusion of usual diaspora meetings.

Madam Alemitu condemned, shamed those hardheaded noisy diaspora’s elements who talk too much with no good deeds on ground for the people they claimed they represent at home. She said you represented no body. She continues Gambella people do not want unelected people to represent them it is shame for those of you who wasted bigtime in the United States without a grasp of the US political culture, of the most civilized nation on earth.

 Madam Alemitu, reminded Gambella Diasporas of the important of the United States, its civilizational impacts on the people of the world, you are not the only one that came to the US for that matter but there are many others who have come from all over the corner of the planet, had obtained positive changes for their lives, with that they have changed others they had left behind but you here have done nothing for your families and your community at home.

She told them many of you talk too much for being genuine Ethiopian or authentic Gambellan, she challenged them you are not Ethiopian or Gambellan in words only but deeds by doing something for your countrymen you left behind, you don’t have the latter on the ground to back up your words for being a good and authentic citizen.
  Regarding regional politics; she challenged the overall wrong perception of political propaganda,  alienation by some diaspora’s elements of particular group of Gambella nationalities including others from the regional picture. She said it is wrong, it must stop. She said how come some of you have not learned, understand the diversity, multicultural institutions of the United States, all of you live here within this multicultural country and still you talk trash; all is about separation, division of ethnics along the skin color, linguistic lines.
She told them no one is more Ethiopian or more Gambellan than other Ethiopian nationalities it is wrong full stop.  She told them our country is blessed, it is the home of all humanity, we should cherish our mosaic build up, not tear-down the unique build up of our society. In fact our multicultural make up is our strength, it is our backbone it is those traits that made our country unique and we should be proud of our people for that matter.   She said talk less and do more at home for your people, for the sake of your own community do something positive to alleviate the suffering, the condition of your people. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

US Foreign Policy Problem in the Middle East

Policy problem is define by Anderson in his (2015) book as a condition or situation that produces needs or dissatisfaction among people and for which relief or redress by governmental action is sought, or as Guess, G. M., Famham, and P. G (2011), explained it is any issues affecting the public in relation to which funds may be spent, or legislation or regulation may be enacted to solve the problem.
In other words it is the unintended consequences of policy carry out to resolve certain issues, but resulted being a problem for another ones that was not intended for. And without a doubt in my understanding it is blowbacks generated by failed consideration of consequences or by surprises brought by policy problems.
For instant the neocon foreign policy fiasco in the Middle East was one example of failure of a foreign policy makers from the get go. The US imposed “regime change” to oust dictators out from power in the name of democracy failed miserably.
It is a disastrous policy still lingering with us with no answers to the question to why policy makers haven’t thought “displacements, replacement”, dialectical relation that when you remove something you must replace it with something, the neocon foreign policy gurus failed to realize that part of policy conundrum.
The US, its western allies failed miserably about what to do to replace the decadent, discarded system of government they have fought very hard and destroyed. Instead the west left a power vacuums, created an environment conducive enough to breed extreme elements with deadly ideological venom, competing for power, and challenged the west civilizational way of living.
The United States failed Middle East foreign policy resulted in producing so-called ISIS or ISL as we speak, the west response to tam down the rise of extremists groups was inadequate, and dull.
The US, its western allies as external factors, stakeholders in the export of democracy, regime change policy in the Middle East, without looking and considering the internal factors, of stakeholders wants was ill conceived, and utter nonsense.
In short democracy cannot be imposed from the above, internal situation must match the external situation, for a good democratic process outbreak to happened the centrifugal forces must be ready, otherwise centripetal forces would not succeed in their attempt to breakdown the core. That’s what we have been witnessing in the Middle East.
By Gilo Amhare, founder, editor of Ajumhara Journal of Politics.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

There are traffic Lights with Few Cars On the Streets but Why?

I wonder how those traffic lights are going to function with no permanent electricity for the whole city of Gambella. Or is this a joke? When I was there four months ago the City of Gambella was always on constant power, water, network supply cuts, everyday. That's the reason I say again is this a joke? Also I didn't see too much traffic cars on the streets, which could warrant traffic lights, what I saw as problem was lack of transportation for the residents of Gambella city. Look it sadden me, bothered my conscience while I was there seeing everyday fight by people who have been waiting for those three wheels legged Indian made cars under the frying sun heat to take them to their destinations. The city of Gambella in my view is in dire need of public transportation, not traffic lights.
I believe at the moment the installed traffic lights of the city of Gambella was a wrong plan, a wrong priority, wrong thing to do when many of our citizens are without jobs. Instead ordering traffic lights they should have ordered donkeys to help people with transportation if they can not afford buses. If everyone understand what I am talking about is good but otherwise we are loosing hopes. If people in the leadership don't know what are the top priority needs for the governed or the subjects than I am sorry no wonder they brought Kandabongo to Gambella, paid his band huge sum of money for a music the natives of Gambella don't even understand in the first place.
Let me remind you one classic example, the story was like this; during “Derge regime” time when our men, women who were fighting against separatist war in northern frontiers, they run out of ammunition,they asked field commander for more ammunition and more reinforcement, when the field commander asked the central command authority for ammunition, the central command authority sent them rations, when they run out of rations, they sent ammunition, the sabotaged conspiracy was so enormous that, it had greatly inflicted moral damage to our men, woman who were scarifying their souls for the liberty of all, for the territorial integrity of our country. And by time the said heinous crime was discovered, the enemy forces had already encircled the breakaway provinces, “Tigray, Eritrea”. What’s going on in Gambella right now is no different from the above story. And to me the story also coincide the story of “Abuknyadeng”How to stop coporate in the midst global land grabing is a  dauntng task...

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ne Yena luo; won; ne cahene, ne raach,  ne cheneno.  Meaning; are you not Luo, why you are talking like the “un pure” breed of strangers  The word Luo means “purity” the words jengo or jur or lango means salves, strangers, nomadic people  foreigners, unimportant  people in Anyuawa language. So do their belief of being only god chosen people. According to the tradition when a new child is born in the neighborhood the elderly women are advised to check on the new born genitalia, it doesn't matter of any gender, the rules applied to either girls or boys. specially checking boys testicles area of imbalances is paramount, important for the family, the community to know.  If one of the child's testicle found naturally dejected, unbalanced, seemed to be equal, than this child is not a Luo meaning is not pure but chiejwok evil, its parent should abandoned it in the forest or thrown in the river. The parent of a child would be advised to get rid of the child as soon as possible before it has grown up, kill people.  So the child is thrown away in a gourd, seated into river to float away or taken to a deep forest abandoned it to die. Thus according to Anyuwa cultural beliefs purity is important, so to avoid this, others kind of problems, marriage outside Anyuwa culture is strictly forbidden. It is a taboo to marry outside one's culture. So the Anyuwa considered themselves as puritan with no mixture of other races in them.   

Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Home Journey of Ajumhara Journal

In Addis Ababa at the Somali mall the Anyuawa words " man miro kire! " " man beer ninao! "man wopdoch ka agnudee " much more  words were echoed in my presence May 22- 15 by a Somali merchant women, while in communication with me, and other fellows who accompanied to the mall. My friend she spoke to us without accent like somebody born, raised in Gambella.

The Somali merchant woman spoke the Anyuak words without spoiling them, without breaking them. without difficulty pronouncing them, I tell you the truth I was impressed delighted, challenged with how wrong I was in my thinking of " me, me not you " world views, a dangerous world view championed by most elites or petty bourgeoisie cultural  icons.

Of course the Somali merchant woman, narrative about engaging the world with such tool as language, mastering other languages than hers was a big lesson for all of us. I promised myself " then for more of my trips to Ethiopia now, in the future." And prior to this encounter I had also admiration for Somalis who were friends to me back in the days while I was a MA student at Minnesota State University Mankato USA. And those days I had a good relation with them all, they were friendly, approachable, understanding, I may say down to earth people, straight, frankly speaking people. In my views their ways of approaching, engaging people of different faith, cultures are example of good social engineering.  The world would be much more better with good exchanges of interrelationship of diverse cultures.

Look Anyuak are tiny minority in Ethiopia but to have some people spoke their language as far as people from Somali community in the midst of trade, commercial transaction is amazing, it meant a lot in the globalization paradigm. The world according Thomas Friedman has become " flat, narrow, shallow, linked without difficulties than ever before. He said countries, individuals; companies are becoming more competitive for market share, geographical separations, borderlines demarcations he postulates were things of the past, irrelevant, obstacles to globalization moves.

I find Somalis I met, interacted with very fast, smart, quick learner of something foreign to their language. Folks, I have doubt of the globalization effect, globalization now, with its tentacles stretched out had already reached the remotest corner of planet, it has been real evident that the world is becoming one via communication, technological break through, both tools, others have narrowed the gaps before our very own eyes . One finds nomadic tribes travelling by camels saying " hello-hello on the phone they carries throughout deserts of the world, my friends who will doubt the narrative put forward by others, again like Thomas Friedman who describes the world as flat, narrow, bridgeable that the world have become one, shallow, short reachable by any means.

I believe language as many social scientists would tell us is the main focal point to bridging the divides between different cultures, outlooks. It is a wonderful tool made available to us by the creator; we should be trying to learn each other languages for, dialogues, communication, fun, love, peaceful coexistence. It is important we know each other’s languages, fun to know other people languages for the sake of getting along. The world is becoming too small we had to be prepared, equipped ourselves with languages around for the purposes of linking people together through communication.

I understand more than never before that knowing another language in our lives is imperative, important tool for understanding, and engagements between people of divers cultures. The believe that communication blows away misunderstanding, misinterpretation; ill-perception, misconception about others is truer than never before. It makes people feel more wanted, closer, important. I think in a mac-world we are heading into we shouldn't limits ourselves to our narrow world of localities. I think we should expand our thinking, dip ourselves into language pools. You see I am from one of those minorities whose lives are remote from national spotlights, where their numbers statistically don't even count; typically demographers count them as others.

But despite all barriers of remoteness, I found my language spoken in commercial transaction; I was surprised, at the same times astonished by the situation. It was one of the phenomenal thing I would never think could occur in my life time, but it did. Folks you don't understand how important I felt that day with my ego ballooned, from decade of dead self-esteem, rejections, denials. I was morally boosted, spirited again, I rekindled self-worthiness, my soul raised to a better feeling of being important, dejected from isolationism of the bourgeoisie culture.

So I considered myself lucky, paramount, important, honored, and respected, like someone who had discovered an area of gold mine to himself. You see this phenomenon happened in the midst trade where I was buying whole sale clothing to take to my people, distribute them free to fatherless kids. I am a king my world of Ajumhara, of Gambella, as the Indian taxi drive from New York once asked about how he felt coming to his people he said " well here I am treated like a king with all the love I am given, no amount of money can buy but there in New York I am nobody, I am just a taxi driver with no significant."

I think I bought as much clothing as I can, I was telling this merchant woman I want this, I want that, I need more of this and that, top it on with sashay or handkerchiefs, those body creams there. I had one of my company telling me those are enough from her, I think we should go to a different merchant, you never know some might lower the commodity prices for you, I said okay, but would they merchants over there speak Anyuak to us, they say no, than I am not going I think I better spent all the money I want to spend on this shop whose owner so nice, eager to speak our language voluntarily, without difficulty. Do you know what it means? It means that she/he or husband had accepted us as equal as important partners in trade, commercial transaction we have been doing with her,

One has to be careful with trade or commerce in our African culture, what do I meant by that? I mean one had to established a working relationship first, foremost, because working relationship has more valued in all our African culture, it is important than money. One has to establish relation and our community has done that homework best for ourselves. Now it is up to us to accelerate the dynamic, make it glamorous, enjoyable.

We must be very careful in dealing with merchants in markets here or anywhere else. They are not all good as one might have thoughts so. And markets as we all know have been marred with volatility. Although markets have been self regulators in Africa, had good reputations but in them one finds many more obstacles: thieves, cheaters, blackmailers, false traders I told them let's not go there, let's save ourselves from risks, here at least we know somebody, when we find something unsatisfactory we tell her/him her husband in the language we all know " nya nye watwa agena-agno ne motwani en " you my friend why did you cheated us with this " we would tell her/he in a manners of a joke minding the important our relationship first, not the friction.

It should be a challenges that comes in a friendly manners which is good business. It is a mechanism used throughout the world of commerce to solving problems through: dialogues = effective communication= positive relations = no frictions, It is a win-win situation without hurting each other playing field? I think we all agreed to spent our money where everybody knows our names. Good, fair, excellent for business

Conclusion: If anyone goes, to everyplace where everyone knows his /her name, there's lesser chances of running into troubles.The Luo people in Ethiopia have not yet reached that apogee of political, economic, social development they wanted but have been charging system enough not to be forgotten like numbers, pushing to reach highest height through education, bringing a recognition they deserved to their names. The Anyuak were/are saying we are one in this world, this world is mine, and yours also it was the most reading I saw from faces that were interacting with each other that day.