Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Useless Waves of Protest Against Donlad J Trump

In the first week of Donald J Trump Administration on the job his administration was met with huge with waves of protest against the executive orders he had issued toward foreign policy. Of course, it is a new foreign policy different from previous administrations. It is that true we are going through a new paradigm shift in politics. As I said the other days in my comments in various Facebook discussions.I know the new prevailing wind of politics is too gusty, strong for some people to withstand its current. That the current waves of politics are unsettling, uprooting, displacing, and replacing things we have known, familiar with before.

 For too long we have been living under the illusion say of unfettered freedom of open door policy, have been mindless of security of our own. This new policy exercised by the president of the United States was supposed to putting America first, and rest is second, it is set out, designed to protect the territorial integrity of the United States of America from infiltration by adherence of radical Islamists who are waiting at the gates.

For decades we have been living under the comfort zones of illusion. We were fed with decadent mirages of elitists’ cultural outlook that negated security of the people of the United States  I know the pundits don’t like what they are seeing from Donald Trump but they must know it is a new policy shift, a new reorientation of politics, of America first and then the rest of world comes second in the new policy paradigm. Our country has been wasting lots expenditures abroad with policing other countries who do not contribute a penny to the security of their own peoples, as Alibaba said the United have wasted trillion of dollars on military expenditures protecting other people and forgot to do something for the American people and leaving our economy in shambled status. That why the new president of the United States of America is trying put America first, I do not see what it is wrong to bring changes into the policies if something was wrong in the first place. I don't understand why some see the new changes in policies as wrong?  If it is up to me it is big times if others don't put up with the new policies. The president must do what the American people had elected him for to do. What we are experiencing is a political deluge: draining the swamps, preventing, tearing down sanctuaries hideout of dangerous people and make ourselves safe from predatory elements. So what’s bad about that?

Some people worry about how we are going to be viewed in the world? But who cares about what other peoples think about the United States, that is not our concern, it is not the top priority for us right now. From day one of the founding of this country the US foreign policy describes or stipulates that the United States had no permanent friends but permanent interest and permanent interest is the guiding principle in our foreign policy. For example, yesterday's foes are our friends right now; yesterday's friends are no longer friends right now.   
In a nutshell, our foreign policy guide is only to keep our interest intact all the times. I gathered some pundits already have been writing lots of nonsense about what Trump did and didn't do. linking his policy with fascism doctrine. What we have seen so far from the do no good people was bizarre statements accusations that do not hold truth but lies. Recently the executive orders signed executed was aimed to protect borders, safeguard the security of our nation, and put our house in order. Any country at security risk would do what the United State have done to the territorial integrity of its people. Just Today Kuwait a Muslim country in the gulf region banned five Muslim countries visa entry. So is Kuwait policy of banning other Muslim from coming to Kuwait wrong? I don't think so security wise. They know what they are doing to protect the security of their nation, who cares if other do like it. Check this article. Kuwait banned 5 Muslim countries And it is real. But critics in America here don't see it that way. They out there in the streets always protesting policies they have no understanding about; with clueless barrages of criticisms. On the top of empty barrage criticism toward the Trump's administration still, the disgruntled elements accused Trump of Islamophobia and vice-versa. But what could those pretest elements say about Kuwait ban of Muslim brothers visa entrance to Kuwait?

I believe the current sanction was not ill intended policy toward other beliefs or ways of life. As the article telegraph wire news has indicated Donald-trumps-travel-ban-not-nazism-many-muslim-countries True it is not like the ban the majority of Muslim countries have imposed on Israelis travel to the countries. The ban I believe is for 90 days, it is temporary. As I got the chance to read those executive orders, my gut tells me sound policies intended to bring peace, prosperity to America and make America great again. I think Trump's policies were designed to empower the American people suppressed by Washington elitist games, get the power back to the people, who are the owner of democracy.So all of Trump's policies is for the good of the country he loves, and nothing else.  If you don’t mind, the list of names of countries’ citizens barred from entering the US was not all of Trump’s doing.

No, the listed countries on the paper he found were not his doings. But from my understanding the topic in the discussion the list of countries named by Donald Trump administration was copied from Obama administration policy archive, in the other words the list countries were already there, under the sanctioned regime of Obama Administration. None were found active and put work. Nevertheless, Donald Trump dusted them off the shelves and put them to work. By the way, Donald trump was doing what others have been doing for decades but not very well.

Why accused Donald Trump of being hates monger, labeled him fascist and opposed everything he says and does. For your information, Donald J. Trump is neither racist nor fascist. But he was mandated and supported by the American people to bring positive changes for their country. Even people of other countries admired Trump's convictions, they think he was sent by God as an Egyptian philosopher Murad Wahba said "divine intervention had led to Trump beating out Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in elections, he continues had Clinton come into power we would have fallen into a civilisational disaster,"

 So all of you talking heads must stop baseless, nonsenses innuendos and get to work. Check your facts about US foreign policies under recent, all erstwhile presidents of the United States about whose bad and good president...

I think one would find out a lot about whom, who and what president did this and that in past history of our foreign policies. I believe more Muslims died under Obama’s, George Bush administrations combine of all living presidents in recent American history. Yet no one has spoken about the catastrophic disasters policies of the previous administrations. Now the question we should ask ourselves is, where were all these false rights groups during the George Bush administration when Iraqis have been gun barrages raining on them, day and night unprecedented in our human history? Where were you shameless hypocrites?

Shamelessly some of you have complained about why the US government had imposed sanctions selectively on some countries, left some countries of human rights violation, terrorist groups protection untouched by current sanction regime? I think some of these elements naively misunderstood the US foreign policy from day one. Here let me explain to all of the pundits and bandits. The foreign policy of US government was/is designed to protect the interest United States aboard. It means the United States of America have no permanent friends from the onset of the founding of this country, but always the US has permanent interest to protect and secure all the times. And that the US gets what it want by all means necessary using soft and hard power from other countries or nations. So why get confused, surprised if some countries were left out at this juncture of policy deliberation.

 How can Donald Trump do his job if not given chance to put his team together to start work assigned to him by the American people. Let him starts the work he was elected for to do, wait and see, I think he would do great things. How could someone in the right mind oppose Donald J Trump from week one of his administration? It wrong to accuse somebody who has done no wrong yet. Why kill somebody you don't even know as they say in some west African tribe of Nigeria. I am not kidding here. In one week Trump's administration is already under attacks by some disgruntled elements who lost the election backed up by irresponsible people from streets. I should say by dependent elements with no clues of how a government works and functions.

 How come people such as those already accused Trump of fascism and Nazism? I think it is a baloney. It is not right. It is prematurely too soon to judge someone by the cover of the book. I think we should give Trump ample times to show what he got for us, you may never know, perhaps he could change, better all of us.  And it is not wrong to wait and see. What I don't like to see is that the entire liberal elites, appendices of NGOs, foot soldiers ganging up to Trump down through riots and tumults which could create paralysis and weaken the over all institutions of the country to function. There's already talks "revenge" echoed out there by billionaire George Soros whose prior to election bet millions of his fortune on Hilary to win the election have been mad about the defeat, loss of election and swore for all out revenge. He is out there lurking, marauding, funding many of foot soldiers he can find to bring down Donald J Trump administration.

As one told me many days ago, George Soro lost big in the past election betting his money, and fortune on Clinton winning the election. But unfortunately, as always nothing good comes out of dirty money. The election didn't go as he wants to, So no wonder why the rich dude was so mad and wanted Trump to fail badly, "they hate Donald Trump you know" they hated his gut for their defeat in the election. Moreover the majority of liberal disliked Trump simplification and assaults of political correctness. Thus Trump's manners and attitudes have discomforted many on the left side of political spectrum, that they want Trump fall, His victorious rise against all odds thrown his way surprised many of them. And it was something they would not settle with for time to come.

 My friends were right I guess. From day one Trump's entry into white house so-called political correctness was dead, replaced with common sense concept of the ordinary American people. The shift from political correctness to common sense is something the liberals would not put up with for days to come.

 Hitherto it was the power of common sense concept of the American people that made Americans free to govern themselves. America was founded on common sense concept, that made America great and powerful. The idea that we should watch our mouths, keep our mouth shut about what we say in our daily lives is total "dictatorship" And it was wrong, does not reflect American culture. For some reason, the elites have denied the American people common sense concept to live with. The elites for too long have substituted common sense lofty ideas with elites' and celebrities' worshiping sub-culture and supported poisonous political correctness. 

It is not that the liberal, their followers misunderstood Trump’s policy take; I bet no. But these diehard elements or unreformable groups would not attempt to listen new chief in town at all. I don't think they will try to give him their ears. But their opened ears are receptive to wrong information coming from nowhere. And they are out days, nights accusing trump of all the vices.

How can anyone accuse Donald J Trump who has killed no one with his policies as fascist and nazi? I think it is not fair at all. Donald J Trump was only reordering things that were messed up for decades, and he just put them to work, Is it that bad to correct what was wrong? Why is it a crime? 

Folks, I beg to differ here. What we have now is a new paradigm shift in politics; it wouldn’t make everybody that jumps on the bandwagon with no rough terrains experiences comfortable as before. The new policy in my understanding is bitter, hard to swallow. It is bitter pill in the mouths of some folks. I believe people who have been depended on government largess for everything in their lives would not like new changes in policies, that's a fact. Donald Trump like Bill Clinton who introduced reinvention government of United States in the 90s was confronted with a tremendous policy rejection by forces in the government apparatuses, It is the same scenario Donald J Trump is facing, a matter of fact a huge one for that matter. It is a fight to resist like others before it is waged by the unmoved nomenclature or apparatchik of the bureaucratic power apparatuses who wouldn't stop to the end

But Mr. Trump must stay on the right course and he will be fine. The nomenklatura or the apparatchiks of the government thinks the world have ended, that they resist any changes they are confronted with to stay aloof and untouched, misconstrue the new administration good intentions, propagated false propaganda, created misinformation misconception among the American citizens. As Obama’s brother, Malik, extols Trump’s immigration policy, Donald J Trump was doing what the American people had elected him to do, delivering them right. He was doing them for the love of his countrymen the American people. What's wrong with that? True, we all don't want what we are not accustom to in our life sometimes. But we must not limit ourselves to what only know for the rest our life. As they say fear is the enemy of progress, we must not live in the past. I agree we shouldn't  give Donald Trump everything he demands, I don't think so. But we must give him a chance to do the job he is expected to do during his first term and beyond if necessary. What required of us is reorientation of our souls, minds for new politics of Donald Trump administration.  

I think some of us do not know the risk involved in politics. But let it be known that there are plenty risks in politics, large and big one for that matters. And people in politics know about them so well. So don’t worry if Trumps makes mistakes or not. That is not the issue. As long he is doing his job he was elected for to do no problem for mistakes he makes. I believe mistakes comes when somebody is very busy. And for Donald Trump as long as he corrects those mistakes and gets the job done, he would be fine. The story is this, one must not be afraid of blow-backs in politics if the ends justified the right results. 

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Monday, December 26, 2016


The Jorr Community Development Association members teleconference meeting chair by Honorable, Okello Ojiel, Ojulu Wadi, discussed several topics pertaining: Health, Social, Economic, Education, and Disaster Reliefs issues of Jorr geographical area.  The Jorr Community Development Association (JCDA) meeting took four hours than expected but was worthy of time, it has been fruitful discussions. The meeting was concluded with adoption of several crucial and important resolutions paramount to rebuild, to restructure, to strengthened Jorr Community Development Association from its current status.

The Jorr Community Development Association (JCDA), pledged to reform the organization activities, carry out a more robust, creative, active approach in the re-consolidation of the organizational framework and for better functionality services. And JCDA agrees to change the old approach, promise to enhance the organization with new directives, encouraged members cut away wasteful time of doing nothing, but contribute more to restructuring organization to fit the current demand from its members.

 That there’s a need for more collective actions in the development of the community more than before, and again JCDA, urged community members for more input efforts, support of current initiatives drive: financially, materially and physically to enabled JCDA's association attend its goals.  The conference reminded all members of the community about the imperative and important of participation in the development of “Jorr Community Development Association” at home and abroad in all field of endeavors.  

 The JCDA general conference also discussed membership recruitment drive, that it is imperative to do more, to bring awareness at the community grassroots levels. And that membership recruitment drive is monumental question, it should be tackled, that all JCDA members have been shouldered with responsibilities to carry out those obligatory tasks.

 In lieu many discussions to tackle many social problems confronting the organization, the problem of conflicts between individuals have been identified, that these conflicts stem from misunderstanding, misconception among individuals, that all conflicts must be resolved through peaceful methods among bitter rivals and save our community from being torn apart.

And that the continuation of those problems from being resolved have created divisions, rifts among the community members from coming together. That the community pledges for more closeness, support, to create ways and means of mechanisms to resolve conflicts among individual in the community, begin harnessing members’ potential for good of the community.

Lastly Jorr Community Development Association (JCDA) discussed about future projects: such as opening, extending, and expanding its branches offices at Gambella and at other neighboring countries where Jorr expatriates are living. The issue of organizing scholarships for talented and fatherless children also were discussed, that JCDA pledges to develop a strategy, concrete steps to help achieve community’s children scholarship venture.

The end of (JCDA) News Bulletin   
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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Confronted by Stupid Question,

A dude from Harare Ethiopia this afternoon had stupid verbal confrontation with two of my kids at Somali KAAH financial transaction Bank. I took them there so they can send money to some of their relation at the IFO Camp. One of the kids the son of my late brother Tefera speaks fluent Somali and was talking to the bank teller behind the glass window, it looked like they were having fun talking to each other.  But all of a sudden this man whose sits faraway corner interrupted jumped in the conversation., asked one of the boy  how  he come to know Somali language so well?  Answered I was in IFO, leaned the language from Somali friends I befriended all those sixteen years I had been at the camp.   

Okay said the man but where are you from?   I am from Ethiopia. He said really you do not look Ethiopian? Of course I am an Ethiopian, from Gambella.  So you speak Amharic?  Yes I do. Dude still confused but you people do not speak Amharic very well. Really said the other kid, so you think all Oromo people speak better Amharic Language than Gambellan? Yes said the man. Lie, you are a liar said the kid.  What about the Oromo Della, Arsi, Bale, Wellega, Etc.

We live with many them in the refugee camp; I never saw them spoke Amharic. Ho by the way some Oromia language spoken in Gambella too.  I said that is enough let’s go, and we left the West Bank, went to Southside Minneapolis  Somali, to grocery store to buy phone numbers used as calling card by all expatriates from Africa.  As we exited the store, we were met by two Somali ignorant who call us Sudan, Garang, with no body responded among three of us we just board the car and left, after I dropped the boys home, I said to them don’t mind about what happened today, just look forward, my other boy responded dad we are not new to those kind hacking, we live with a lot of illiterates like that in the caps all those years. 

Our skins have been immune to illiterate diatribes at the camps.  I said do not worry, he seems like a very confused person too. Here was a man who spoke Somali, when asked of his Identity he said he is an Oromo from Harare, he had the gut to question you about where you learned the language? You know one of my friend from Harare once told me about some confused Harare people during the Somali-Ethio, 1976-77war, he said as Saied Bare defeated the Ethiopia army at the initial war and control vast land at the eastern fronts, he said the Harari flogged to the streets chanted slogans:  Saied Bare! Saied Bare!  Long Live Saied Bare, but as our gallant forces rejuvenated and fought back, defeated the enemy, and  recaptured our lost territories, he said the Harari flipflopped, turned switched their allegiance  backs against Somalia, came out in support of Ethiopia victory against Somalia, chanted Mengistu! Mengistu! Long Live Mengistu! You see how confused border people are in Harare. Thank God we are not, we remain always loyal, to one country, that’s “Ethiopia” 

In all this conversation I sit-down muted, never said anything at all. So folks I think I should explain a little bit into two or three paragraphs what definition of identity is:  one’s sense of belonging to one state or to one nation. It is the sense of a nation as a cohesive whole, as represented by distinctive traditions, culture, language and politics” Counter point, it didn’t say color or looks. If you were born in Ethiopia you most certainly are Ethiopia citizen by birth, what you look like doesn’t matter. For instant I was born Anyuak by my tribal identity, from Anyuak country, from Gambella state Ethiopia.  And what one look like is not an answer to our political community.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Adeola Fayehum Video clips

Folks what learned from Adeola Fayehum video clips are that corruption everywhere in Africa had the same faces.  Especially the medical malpractices are at highest levels, its alarming rate telling a lot. What we see here from these narratives is that African doctors, pharmaceutical firms schemes, drained medicine from public domain.  The sabotages by saboteurs have been rampant, public goods siphoned into private realms has dvastated the public health institutions. The question is what’s left for the good of the common people? In our region someone told me during my last visit to our home country that “going to hospital in Gambella, is compared to one taking suicide of himself’’ meaning, one ricks a lot going to the hospital’’ because one might be contracted with different kind of deadly diseases due to poor sanitation, lack of hospital bedding, care, lack of food, medicines in the hospitals, deliberate diversion of prescriptions to private pharmacies by doctors. It may seem little, but serious corruption that needs to be tackled right on. What president Magufuli of Tanzania has been doing now as a start in the right direction, the result so far is encouraging. But he needs more political supports from the political communities.  A pragmatic policies approach is more preferred with the rule of law as the guiding principles, to deter would be criminals from draining public goods into private spheres.   

By Amhare Gilo 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Post Trump Election Stress Syndrome (PTESS)

(PTESS) Well if think what hell is that? PTESS is defined as Post Trump Election Stress Syndrome, for those who have been affected by aftermath of Trump’s election. I guess some states have already opened Counselling Centers for (PTESS), Counselling were being offered to folks who considered themselves victim Post Trump Election Stress Syndrome. I couldn't believe it when I heard that from the news. But it is True folks. Now states are spending money to treat some morons with tax payer’s money. What a joke. Did you see why our government is in short supply of money to rebuild other important infrastructures? It is that we have been throwing our money to useless causes, such these programs from www.cnsnews.com: Teens pregnancy prevention programs, Sex education, psycho-social counselling, Swedish massages for rabbits: $387,000,Teaching Mountain Lions to Ride a Treadmill: $856,000, Studying how many times “hangry” people stab a voodoo doll: $331,000, Studying the gambling habits of monkeys: $171,000, Producing the children’s musical: Zombie in Love: $10,000, Funding a “Stoner Symphony”: $15,000, Synchronized Swimming for Sea Monkeys: $307,524, Produce a “Hallucinatory” Roosevelt/Elvis show: $10,000, Funding Climate Change Alarmist Video Game: $5.2 million, Teaching Kids to Laugh: $47,000, Developing a real-life Iron Man Suit: $80 million, Studying if Wikipedia is Sexist: $202,000, Asking heavy drinkers not to drink through text message: $194,090, Lost electronic devices from NASA: $1.1 million, Help Parents Counter Kids’ Refusals to Eat Fruits and Veggies: $804,254, Government Funded Ice Cream: $1.2 million, Subsidizing Alpaca Poop: $50,000, Funding Kids Dressing Like Fruits and Vegetables: $5 million, Tweeting at Terrorists: $3 million, Predicting the End of Humanity: $30,000. What a waste programs, no wonder our government is bankrupt with no money. Government folks cannot be parenting kids about sex and all that, it is parents’ responsibilities to teach their kids moral values, not the government. In my view the US government is acting Godlike, in every social cultural problem, when it shouldn't have to do that, Government should stay away from parenting and taking responsibility of the actual parents roles to children

Reference: http://www.cnsnews.com/mrctv-blog/curtis-kalin/top-20-worst-ways-government-wasted-your-tax-dollars.

Friday, November 11, 2016

New Day in America

Welcome friends. It is a new day in America. As I said yesterday my vote was a protest vote against Crooked Hilary/Obama ill policy, which destroyed our relative peaceful world, from Africa, to Middle east, east Europe, and Asia. The warmongers had no solutions for the aftermath of destruction, massive upheavals they have created around the world. It was a protest to restore America's credibility here, aboard.

It is to make America great again after so many years of decadent moral policies. It is to bring back jobs for the working families who have been working hard but earned not enough money to feed the families. It is a vote against military industrial complex waste of trillion dollars on wars that have ruined our economy. It is a vote to create, rebuild America’s dilapidated infrastructures, and bring jobs home. It is a vote to restore America greatness in science, technology, commerce.

 And we have proved it to pundits, bandits today, that we have taken our country back to restore hope, prosperity for the many. And our votes proved it, alerted the few crooked establishments, that history has been rewritten, for good of the country. Through our president Donald Trump we are going to empower the poverty trapped broad masses of the American people, restored hopes, rekindle broken spirits, we shall be prosperous again.  Again the people have spoken clear, loud last night, said enough is enough, have taken stolen sovereignty back into their hands. America is going to be great again, no more wishy-washy.

As election concluded some people still shed tears, moaning, protesting, not settled with election verdicts. I think they had to come term with the loss of election results, move on. Even one do not like the outcome, there’s nothing one can do right now. One couldn’t rewind back the history of election triumphalism. It is done, over. If I were one of them I would just relax, wait four years till another election. Or move to another country, stay there for four years and come back later. Peace! Peace!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Good Job and keep your head high, it will be done. No society can prosper without wealth. As they say put money where your mouth is, I urged our community to spent, invest money in their own community development such yours and other small-small enterprises. Then replicate Diaspora's successes back home as examples.