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Ajumhara Journal congratulated Hialemaraim Desalign Ascension to power.

Ajumhara journal passes on its congratulatory message to his excellency Dasalegin Hailmariam on his new post as Prime Minster of Ethiopia. The journal also praised the ruling party the EPDRF for its wise decision in handling the smooth transfer of political power.  We are gladen that everyone was behind the party for this tough decision to prevail. No doubt that democracy, democratization is in its full gears, and in its full speed in our country.

The country is metamorphosing ahead, there is no turning back. Democracy must takes its full course without fear from the fallout. It is a messy system but better to live under democracy than to live under autocracy, dictatorship or under no democracy at all.  We know also that democracy goes hand in hand with lots of problems. But those problems are going to wither away as democratic political culture matured, the consolidation of democratic mechanism is embolden. Demo…
Legitimacy: In The Sphere of Politics              Legitimacy it is a political word used by many in different varieties of societal day to day operations. But the real meaning of it is in politics rather than other areas of social takes. In the political community the word legitimacy is used a lot to describe certain aspects of political features: leadership legitimacy political party legitimacy or organizational legitimacy and departmental legitimacy, governmental legitimacy. The list goes on, on. Let’s take the leadership legitimacy for example.  Most of us believe that a democratic elected leader is legitimate, that is not say the election process is pure without problems. But any democratic would be leader before he or she claims the legitimacy leadership must go through the election process where she/he would be contesting other people eyeing for the same position.  
          Thus it is fair to say that the winner of the election process was a legitimate person, and therefore s…
We are waiting, and the world is waiting for Deputy PM to be sworn in as PM to complete the years left of Melese's tenor.  But unfortunately the swearing process did not happen. Something seems to be holding the fate, and the destiny of the deputy PM.  Why? The answer is no one knows. And nobody had the answer. There’s something fishy about this case, no one will ever know until the political party that govern the country manned up, and give the general public straight answers. You see if a dark goat scape from its owner hand in the darker night, ran into its sanctuary, I guess let her not forget, feel comfortable because soon morning will come, the owner will grab her by her neck, and pull her out its room. I guess what I am saying is if something like reverse process is going on I think it is unacceptable, it is not a workable solution. The country must deal with saboteurs punish those responsible for jeopardizing the democratic dispensation. We want peaceful hand over …