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Bridging the Gaps of Misunderstanding Among the Gambellan Community

I don’t know why the fuzz about a Nuer man in the leadership. Mr Gatluak ascension to power is under fire by tiny disgruntled Ayuaks, in the Diasporas, and at home in Ethiopia. To tell you the truth I do not understand why the protest, why the worry? I don’t get it, no I don’t. Last week Gatluak was chosen for the leadership of Gambella by all regional parliamentarians. According, the selection, election was done conducted in full view of all the members assembled in the assembly that day. If some family members of the disgruntled were there during the preceding some I believe could have casted their vote in favor of Gatluak or in disapproval of Mr. Gatluak. And in my view the protesting, the dissension is a normal. It is the working of parliamentary democracy.
What we have in Gambella is not a process presidential democracy like we have here in the United States where the winner takes all, with opposition still with …
Democratic Election: Democratic elections where-ever is taking place, are messier than you think it should be, but on the other hand democracy, democratic elections is a better process of empowerments, of public figures eyeing for leadership in the public sectors. The game if setup well, it allows people to have alternative choices of their own choosing. There is no clear cut in the process, making it hard on many occasions for contenders to give up, withdraw their names before they go along to the finished line. Sometimes the defeat, the embarrassment people got from the democratic electoral results, like bitter pills are hard to swallow, most of times cumbersome to bear.But if one is defeated, one must accept the result of the election; concede honorably not because one agrees to but because one has higher ideal, lofty goals about his own society.

The goal of the politicians must be to raise above narrow politics of division, parochial exercising of politics which excludes everyone …