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Bad ideas vs. Good idea: the Power of Educating Girls  By Amhare O Gilo
There is war never before between good ideas, bad ideas, never than before the clashes between the two have split the world apart. When Malala, a Pakistan girl spoke in the swat valley infested by radical Muslims about girls’ education, her message, and her advocacy was clear, was seen as provocative, in the eyes of the extremists it was threats to their draconian establishment, filthy environment they run.The responses ensued by the extremists was total inhalation of her, they did by firing a bullet into her head, only Malala to be saved and survive due to modern medicine, and technology.
The idea of changes, challenges against establishments predates our present course of history going to back thousands years. Of course rulers, power holders, and their establishments have been against public education and public knowledge of anything threats to their power.For example a Roman emperor called Tiberius Claudius Nero …