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What's to be done? We have simple Ans. Prioritizing your economy. You must understand there are things you needed them now, but you don't need them later or there are things you needed them later but you don't need them now. Human economic activities have been like this from antiquity to our modern day. It was two or three months ago when I debated a Kenya brother who from my understanding wants to paint KENYA'S political development as something only understood by Kenyans, not by outsiders. I said he must be partially true but as an educated person I don't think I should be a Kenyan to understand Kenyans politics, and problems.

I challenged him; I give a brief comparative history: Kenya and Singapore. Two countries same political backgrounds, both colonies gained independence from the British in the same year decolonization was spreading like wild fire in Africa. Both countries by small margins inherited the British parliamentary system of government. So what happ…