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Gambella: Myland Mypeople.

I developed my land my people, story to look into ourselves, the Anyuawa people, our connection to our land, the general environment in the entire Anyuakland. Some said, as Anyuak we got look at ourselves first, before we say something, charge, judge other people. I narrated, the story expressed here, making it fit the local reality. This story I have written, was done in such a way that the language used is understood from the local, indigenous points of views, not another ways.

I will debate the concepts of land use, its belonging using the indigenous peoples thinking about the lands, their rights to occupying those lands, spaces. I will also challenge them about their rigid understanding about the public goods vs. private goods, see if I could shed lights on some of the arguments. I will make sure land developments is understood well, I will seek how to narrow down the gap of perceptions, and misperceptions. I will challenge rejectionist blind allegations, pursued against lands deve…

Gambella New Initiatives Teleconference was aired Today

The teleconference started at 4:33 What can we do as Anyuak for community?
Why up to date everything we have tried have been installed, many of them failed to reached their goals.

By anonymous speaker.

The teleconference was launch today, discussed paramount, and important issues: the new agenda, or the new initiatives: the audience was stunned, and impressed by views that was delivered today by some of the smartest elements in our community. It was a stunning rebuttal against diatribes, useless innuendos concerning old ideas, with the guardians of new views, new undertaking swearing to deal with what might challenge the ongoing new initiative or new imperatives on Gambella’s social development of our times.

The New thinking, said the accord reached by participants should entertain the new imperative without fear from demagogues, false pretenders, failed elements of the arrested developments. From to date said the teleconference partisans who had gathered, listening to their speakers…

I am not Political Correct, I dont' like Political Correctness.

Let me speak my mind a little bit here. For example are you not or are some of you not sick, tired about former authoritarian regimes household servants preaching you the goodness of their times: When I was this, that, done this, that; expressing most worst believes, politically deadly pass issues, trumpet them like glories in the ears of their naïve audience.

Even though many had suffered under their feet, their rights neglected, with extra judicial abused power of the courts. The incompetence administrative, bureaucratic hot headed elements of the old fallen regime still had their nostalgic dreams fool them that they still could bring back the old totalitarian malfunctioned regime to our land? Well if you are like me I am tired of them too.

These brothers were sorry souls; I rather listen to birds songs sang to my ears than these sorry soul of folks, decadents of the past preaching the "good old days come back" the old remnants appeared to have learned nothing from the a…

Kewa Kiddy: Those mountain ranges are our border)

If I stand at the center of the Marktao in Gambella, facing east, I am reminded of different natural habitat across the mountain ranges.Beyond” Kew a kiddy” there are mountain ranges naturally presumably mark as demarcated border" the Anyuak called it "Kewa Kiddy" Those Mountain Ranges are our Border. Beyond those mountain ranges there are people and empire which govern them called “Degas”, with degas sew the highlanders or the mountaineers who have been coming here before the annexation of our lands by the lord of degas. The encounter was first friendly, mutual; it was for the benefit of the two people. The two encounters  exchanged goods through barter, there was no need for currency. No one was interested in them currency anyway. The society here had not known paper money before do not know the use of it, therefore it was meaningless. There was no actual monetary system of the day, if there was one introduced it was called Teresa. The problem was how can one buy a c…

Otuelo: What went Right also must have gone Wrong, What went wrong also must have gone Right.

Do have a job asked a village man, Otuelo said no I don't, it is not important, but why old man why asked this kind of question?The old man apologizes, said sorry I thought we are from one village. One village my foot, replied Otuelo, old man warned Otuelo mind your business.
The irony is the person in question was not a good man. Otuelo, his gang entourages had ganged around causing much troubles and mischiefs between villagers. They have changed around most peaceful bounders between villages into hell of terror. The fear of terror is real in the path way to west of Gambella As always with crimes the innocents were the ones to suffer the most heinous crimes directed by outlaws.

Along the river bank of Openo; village after village have been terrorized, burn down either by government security apparatus or by the fugitive elements lurking in the bushes. Neither of them, who hold power over the neck of the people, gave a damn about the sufferings of people in the hands of them. In the …