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Complete Surrender to Strangers’ Threats

To all AJ audiences we have interviewed Otoli Warachung elder; statesman of the tradition Anyuak society to give us brief discussion on Gambella History and Politics, here is the excerpt.

AJ, there are threats everywhere in our land, were all about land, occupation, aggrandizement by strangers, who came, or brought by from faraway under different circumstances by the successive ruling regimes.  All of them forgot where they were originally belonging or came from; so to speak. We are now on threshold, contesting our native land with them. Why?

Ans,Otoli; the impending phenomenon is a curse on our souls. We must quench the fire, contain it from spreading.
AJ say how come this land that no one wants before all of the sudden have become violence hotpots.

Ans. Otoli Warachung: Traditionally, we are open society, and unlike other savage tribes who kill people as they saw them on their land; ours is an open society with traditional rule of law that governed behavior of our people toward pe…

Strange Language But Beautifully Used:

It was my second week in the beautiful windy city of Chicago uptown area packed by many foreigners from every country on earth; of course many have been there longer than others. Especially, South African community, Ethiopian community all from Africa are much more established than rest of the African communities. It was also first time arrival of the Gambella people from Ethiopia to USA. I believe many Ethiopian due lack of information about their country did not even know where we came from exactly, even when told that we are Gambellan Ethiopian some still could not believe it. It was/is a denial that sometime comes out of ignorance from ill informed citizens about the human geography, and history of our country.

I think our dark skin pigmentation was the matter of all. For some reason when some of them see our dark skin pigment, some think we are from Jupiter planet even to this day some of them still do. It did not matter for us. No body is going to the take away our freedom of…

Confused Strangers in Another Land

Some years ago I was looking for a rental apartment by Sheridan, and Kenmore Ave in Chicago Illinois not faraway from the beautiful lake shore drive. I believe l could still remember them well. So am also new, I have not learn much about the costume, the tradition of the country, let alone the rules and the regulation ensued by the land lords for their properties. For example as I was looking for the apartment, I came to a high rise building that has note posted by its doors window glasses, the note reads: "No pets, No children" says the note, to put it mildly I was astonished, stunned, I say, say what! No, No man I can'y believe this, What kind of crazy thing is this anyway? My friends don’t misunderstand; I understand about the animal’s behaviors perfectly but to dislike children that way no, no human being should do or say anything negative like that in any way or form about children.
But as I was still talking to myself, cursing what the F is this,something in my hea…