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“I fire you. No I fire you”

It was what one said “chicken politicking” I heard this kind of political jargon, on the news in America, I also could have read, came across them somewhere in the newspapers, in the literature. But not knowing it could someday take place within our community, I beg I did not realize that politics is contagion especially in the age of television. The political bickering between people seen on the screens most of times; was foreign thing for most of the Anuak people.
We are supposed to be monolithic, indivisible people bind with love-love with no contradictions among the divided Anyuak Nation living along two international recognized borders of the two sister countries: Ethiopia, and south Sudan. According to this notion of political definition, the Anyuak are one people; with no one country to belong to but Anyuawaland. The group would always reminded us that the Anyuak always thought of themselves as one nation, regardless of the two countries they belong to, see the divisions as …