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Panaguai or (the Gourds Fall Apart)

You can believe it; fifty years ago there were only three Aynuwa men who went to school to America. I guess they were only one who has been informed by their parents about the important of education, they all did well successfully completed higher education. Back then no one dared sending their children to schools opened up by the American missionary stationed... in the heart of the Anyuawaland.

It was the beginning of fight between traditions, modernity. The Aynuawa rejected, spited on modernity. They run away, stay away from it. Sometime they called it “wana bunenham” But it was not complete rejection of the present for past glory or may be. But the lack of good information inadequate understanding about the invading, intrusive new development which was moving fast toward their lives, scared them the most, no one blamed them really.
After all the men, women who went to the towns to live among foreigners were utterly condemned, chastised as “weaken, lazy” a runaway social deviance, i…