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Nyang  Ye de Chaa, it a parlance most often used on foreigners for their reckless behaviors in  foreign land like the Anyuakland, especially this parlance is used on strangers unaware of the local environment they had to encounter, whose missions sometimes were cut short by tragedies, deaths.
  Sorry if you are not Gambellan, but this how things have been described here. You must know what I am talking about if not you can learn from story I am about to say. I happened to recollect some local stories the other days, thought I should write this one down just for the fun of it, the memory it.  Two political scientists, MARINA  OTTWAY,  DORIS LESSING who have written many short stories about Africa, died recently due to her poor health; both described the important many oral stories in Africa, in which they say the African writers must be encourage to write down all those beautiful stories told, narrated by the local people wherever they live.
I guess they were right, it was only writer li…

No Culture Is Pure: We are all Borrowers, and Stealers.

No culture is pure, whether one is living in the high culture or low culture. We are all borrowers, stealers of each other’s images  to enhance our own. Look at the Anyuawa language today, compare it to Anyuawa language of 30 or 40 years ago one would be astonished to see that the Anyuawa language has been diluted,infused, mixed with a lot foreign words twisted and adopted to fit, spoken like the Anyuawa words. True, I am not exaggerating. I am not kidding. If you were new to what I am talking about check with the lyrics of the contemporary urban Anyuwa dance songs; my friend be my guest. My friends you would be amazed, sometimes confused by some word thrown at you by the singer singing in the Anyuwa language, with blended Arabic, Amharic, Oromo, Nuer Tigrignya words twisted, punctured, fractured, reassembled, sang as Anyuawa words, and with lovely tunes.

 But as has been said all cultures have been borrowed, stolen since the  time of immemorial, they were for good; for treatments of …