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My Home Journey of Ajumhara Journal

In Addis Ababa at the Somali mall the Anyuawa words " man miro kire! " " man beer ninao! "man wopdoch ka agnudee " much more  words were echoed in my presence May 22- 15 by a Somali merchant women, while in communication with me, and other fellows who accompanied to the mall. My friend she spoke to us without accent like somebody born, raised in Gambella.

The Somali merchant woman spoke the Anyuak words without spoiling them, without breaking them. without difficulty pronouncing them, I tell you the truth I was impressed delighted, challenged with how wrong I was in my thinking of " me, me not you " world views, a dangerous world view championed by most elites or petty bourgeoisie cultural  icons.

Of course the Somali merchant woman, narrative about engaging the world with such tool as language, mastering other languages than hers was a big lesson for all of us. I promised myself " then for more of my trips to Ethiopia now, in the future."…
No this is not a Peace Deal But Nonsense:  As it looks this peace deal some people had already accused president Kier for not signing was completely an IGADA’s  works, wanting  Kier to blindly
signed  the outcome he never saw, discussed within the rank, file of the SPLA party stock.  It is a hoaxed conspired, a treachery concocted by IGDA’s machinery to impose its will on sovereign nation of south Sudan.

In spite Kerr’s request for more consultation, IGDA, its backers bluntly accused Kier for refusing to sign agreement reached by his opponent, the entire IGADA’s watch dogs.  Saying he is derailing the prospect for peace, not understanding Keir’s view of national interest as a whole.  I think this nonsense agreement shouldn’t be allow come to its fruition. It is a recipe for disaster which could pave ways to the division of south Sudan into quasi tribal war lords control entities.

 I am not impressed either with the devolution, allocation of the new power which sets a precedent for b…