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US Foreign Policy Problem in the Middle East

Policy problem is define by Anderson in his (2015) book as a condition or situation that produces needs or dissatisfaction among people and for which relief or redress by governmental action is sought, or as Guess, G. M., Famham, and P. G (2011), explained it is any issues affecting the public in relation to which funds may be spent, or legislation or regulation may be enacted to solve the problem. In other words it is the unintended consequences of policy carry out to resolve certain issues, but resulted being a problem for another ones that was not intended for. And without a doubt in my understanding it is blowbacks generated by failed consideration of consequences or by surprises brought by policy problems. For instant the neocon foreign policy fiasco in the Middle East was one example of failure of a foreign policy makers from the get go. The US imposed “regime change” to oust dictators out from power in the name of democracy failed miserably. It is a disastrous policy still ling…