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We live in an interesting time, you wouldn’t believe it that Donald Trump scored 85% percent grading from me. And if you asked me several months ago what grade would I have given him I beg I would have told you the man doesn’t deserved my grading at all. He was below my expectation but now I saw him reformed he has scored good grades from me, that’s it he has earned it. I am proud of him for looking presidential on public diplomacy and diplomatic mission. It is his first leg trip to Mexico or for that matter to a sovereign country representing America. He is changed man now, from what I heard him saying on the podium that's not the Donald I know. This Donald Trump I saw through the media was calm and insightful articulately spoke with clarity that’s a different Donald Trump.
I come to think of that Donald Trump was a victim un-coached behavior, coupled with mudslinging from his political opponents that media picked on, preyed him for the worst and presented hate images of him to th…