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The Death of Healthy Discussion:

Let me make some points here, I hope to clarify, reconcile some statement of points out there. It is true that majority Anyuak began going to America at the end of the eighty. The end of the 80s as it was known was an epoch of tumults, of disorder of insecurity worldwide, not only confined to Anyuawaland? It was the disruption of the old order the downfall world communist political system.
In Ethiopia, at the national level the overthrow of the Derge, regime, the changing of the old guards, caused enormous instability, insecurity in the heart Anyuakland. The inherent NEW changing ORDER was incapable, poor reordering the new system. Therefore, its inability to consolidate power, secure peace; was challenged by waves unprecedented social and political quagmires. For the Anyuawa people, the political breakdown was too large a deluge to bear.

So many of our citizens have had no alternative to challenges that was confronting them, neither coping with the breakdown was too good to put up with even for those who remained behind; who too suffered the disorder unleashed by the mismanagement of the Bantustan administrative apparatuses.
The second wave of Anyuawa migration was dictated by decaying institutional malaise, chronic tribal conflicts, incompetent leadership failures by those in power to deliver on their promises to invest in their people. I believe the failure of leadership to deliver economic and political security brought hopelessness and despairs in the hearts and minds of our people, a large number of them chose not to stay but leave their beloved land and seek refuge in other countries be it Africa, America, Europe, Australia or Latin America.
And the plights of the Anyuawa people have not been different from what’s going on in many parts of the third world countries now. We see more youths From Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, and Liberia; much more West Africa citizens crossing, dying in the seas to make it to Europe, America. It is a disparate attempt to go somewhere to fight age-old misery and not a choice.
Of course, all refugees are not equal in their status: there are political refugees, economic refugees, social and cultural refugees, environmental refugees, internally displaced refugees, refugees from war-torn countries etc.… from behind the scene each has the story to tell the world, they all matter.
As an elderly, I was bewildered, stunned from cultural standpoints. That’s it was not good seeing young kids leave home unskilled culturally and socially. But I also understood perfectly that if you saw a toad out of the bush in the heat of the sun, it must be running from something that’s after its life, or it must be pursuing, running after something to eat.
I was told that majority of them were derivatives of Dambella, many went there during hey days of gold rush, so there are no points saying they were young, unskilled with life difficulties. But for somebody like me, the concern was genuine in those years.
I did not know the extent of the systematic breakdown at home. It was the era of ignorance, darkness an era of information for the privileged few; it was not like the current epoch where information is available at the tip of one’s finger likes today.
I believe most of those circumstances or conditions or problems of insecurity which have been forcing our people out of their home to seek refuge somewhere else still exist even today in a different form. There have not been any preventive measures taken to resolve the situation nor did the authority dealt with reoccurring violence to bring peace in the region.
Looking back now, we understood the upheavals was fathoming, that every man was for himself as guarantor of his /her own security. It was a political decay our people had no means to cope with but to pursue fights.
The flights of the Anyuawa people continue up to today. The Anyuawa people have inadequately, inappropriately responded to tackled those problems which have been tearing Anyuawa apart, continue blaming each other, that is not the answer to the problems.
As has been said it is not easy chastising somebody why he ran way instead of standing his ground and fight back. But this is an agenda the Anyuawa people of descent must grapple with in a free sphere of discussion about the fate of their own survival as people.
There are many good ideas put forward as solutions, we must take those imperative solutions into consideration. Returns home to share our knowledge even on the temporary basis, or Diaspora capital investments initiatives to invest home, create jobs are all good ideas to mitigate social flights, improve the lives of our people.
We got to stop blaming individuals, don’t ostracize your brothers working in the government or who are doing private businesses at home because the fight against the system of injustice must also be multidimensional and broaden in scope. All problem facing the Anyuawa people are beyond individual damages. It is a systematic problem that should be tackled from its foundation, not from the shoot of it. There two things we must understand for our functioning society, that all of us would not dislike, be against the current system at home. In the other words, the current system has supporters, people who just work for their daily bread; they do not care about politics.
The same thing goes for the oppositions, they have different barometer feelings at home, and abroad about their homeland affairs. But all of them want the good thing for their society: stability security, peace, justice, democracy, development.
I know some of our compatriots at home only talk about development, shy away whenever diaspora expatriates voice question of insecurity, instability, the lack peace, justice, democracy. And they think we are crazy but we are not. We have a fundamentally different view of understanding on how to build our society.
I am pretty sure all want good things for our society, for those good things to happen certain perquisites should come first: Security, stability, peace, justice, democracy and development. We think those mentioned are quintessential elements for business environment, political and economic environment and development environment stability. Without a doubt singing development songs through our ears while our love ones are in the harms ways is discomforting, disgusting, dissuading for many who would like come home and help our people.
The diaspora Anyuawa people don’t like the way development sounds, to them, it looks like the so-called development was concocted for evil intention, is not intended for the good of the Anyuawa people. It is strange they say when hearing development song sang to them by strangers, not them singing it. They claimed strangers have been the one pushing development meat down our throats they don’t like either.
That the aim and objective of the development policy were to come and conquered our land through soft power denied Anyuak people rights to their ancestral lands. That the entertained development idea was meant for the aliens and not for the native’s people. That thousands Gambella hopeless, jobless youths are in the severe economic condition that their dire, worsening economic conditions have forced a countless number of them to evacuate their homeland into neighboring countries.
That unless Gambelia stakeholders have been included in the decision-making, in charting the fate of their future that they should hold onto their purses, or wallets for now. No point arguing about these concepts. Nonetheless, there should be other ways to mitigate those elements.
There are signs of good things taking place already in the economic spheres. The diaspora native investors, the one at home have been building things charting other discourses of economic empowerment. I believe there are many ways to contribute to rebuilding Gambella economy at the moment; these ventures such as Health sector, agriculture, sector, food sector, water development sector, technology sector, education and cultural sector etc... Should be exploited harnessed for the benefits of the society.
There is no point why one shouldn’t do something if there are means, one doesn't have to support any institution of government to do a business or to help one’s family at home. I believe Ethiopia has a private-government driven economy, it is good for people going from abroad, and who would like to invest their money in the economy.
The last time I visited the home country, I think I saw through my eye the dynamic surges of the private economy, it is as flourishing and as booming. Although the natives of the region had yet participated, taking part in the economy but the overall atmospheres created to necessitate springing businesses have been encouraging.
I know many of us like politics, that’s fine, and do not want to do something to alleviate the suffering of our people from the economic misery, that fine too. But don’t badmouth somebody efforts for trying to do business, help his/her family at home. people should refrain, repeat again to not ostracize and chastise somebody for doing something different than you do, have no right to do to so.
Some of the people disrespect, trashed other people characters because they seem not be from one of their neck of the woods or river or villages.
There is traditional Anyuawa societal rule of hierarchies, I believe should be observed by all Anyuawa stock wherever are. It is an abomination for elders to interfere in the affairs of the young ones, the same rules prohibit young ones from dipping, diving in the affairs of the old folks.
I believe the absence of discipline among us would exaggerate, exacerbate the already fractured Anyuawa unity. Do not be delusional, full of yourselves wanted to walk or sit on the top of other people because you think so. Be warned attitude like that is unforgivable in our society, such attitude could be met with deadly repercussion, your afterward apology would not be acceptable by the people you might have hurt with your nonsensical behavior.


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