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Useless Waves of Protest Against Donlad J Trump

In the first week of Donald J Trump Administration on the job his administration was met with huge with waves of protest against the executive orders he had issued toward foreign policy. Of course, it is a new foreign policy different from previous administrations. It is that true we are going through a new paradigm shift in politics. As I said the other days in my comments in various Facebook discussions.I know the new prevailing wind of politics is too gusty, strong for some people to withstand its current. That the current waves of politics are unsettling, uprooting, displacing, and replacing things we have known, familiar with before.
 For too long we have been living under the illusion say of unfettered freedom of open door policy, have been mindless of security of our own. This new policy exercised by the president of the United States was supposed to putting America first, and rest is second, it is set out, designed to protect the territorial integrity of the United States of …